Time Signature Compo

"Write your best music - now even better, without 4/4!"

Description & Winner

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Welcome to our "no 4/4" compo! Your task is to write a very awesome tune, that ranks first in our compo.
This time however you are not allowed to use the beloved 4/4 tempo signature :)

- don't use the 4/4 time signature ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_signature )
- entries that claim to use 2/4 and in reality use 4/4 will be banned. same with all other cheats :)
- upload your tune as flac on compos.scenemusic.net
- time limit 6 minutes
- multiple entries per user are allowed
- deadline is: 31.01.2015 23:59:59
- voting deadline is: 15.02.2015 23:59:59


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