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Style Copy Compo is online! Join NOW!

We did tweak some more things here, and everything gets less and less experimental.

Join our most challening compo of the year now!

Voting is over!

Yes, voting for the coop compo is over => check out the compo page for winners, comments, final compopack and more!

scenecompos 2.0 launched!

We are back!

Here we are, with a new version of!
We followed a much more minimalistic approach design wise this time (wait.. what design? where?), but feature wise we enhanced the site a lot. Also the code behind the platform has been dumped and rewritten from scratch.

We hope that you will like it as much as we do!

If you click on a certain compo, you will find detailed stats and the audio player in the "Stats and Tracks" area of every compo, as soon as you click on a bar in the stats.

Thank you very much staff


time to add some updates to the site :) launched

Yes, unbeliveable but true - scenemusic has its own compoplatform. :)

There is still plenty of open tasks :)